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Flowering Time:
8-9 Weeks

Skywalker is a hybrid product of the blueberry and mazar strains. This 100% indica strain is known to provide above average pain relief, headache management, appetite stimulation and heavy sedation. The skywalker strain is sticky and mildly fragrant with fruity undertones and a flowery scent similar to other indicas. The effects are immediate and last up to two hours.


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    A user on

    I acquired this from Green Thumb and everyone was very pleasant, patient and helpful. People who bad talk others who work in these places don’t realize that every body is different and reacts to different medications differently. Even doctors can’t predict how a medication will affect a patient. Not only that, bud has and will continue to change. The only way you are going to know how it affects you is to try it.

    Buzz Length: 50 minutes. Rating: 7

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    A user on

    Awesome hybrid. A great mid day smoke that has a good mix of traits.

    Buzz Length: 0 minutes. Rating: 9

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    A user on

    If you’re into weed that is going to knock you out and help you sleep, this is it! I’m more into marijuana that gets you energetic and uplifted, which is why i gave it 4.5 stars instead of 5. However, if the sedating effects of weed are for you, then it doesn’t get much better then this. I’ve never smoked anything better for sleep.

    Buzz Length: 0 minutes. Rating: 9

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