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Power Kush
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Afghani x Skunk #1. It produces a citrusy aroma with a light skunky backdrop. This strain has a classic effect, mood elevating while also being very relaxing. The body becomes instantly warm, while the eyelids droop and the eyes fill with pressure. Recommended for body relaxation, a mental uplift, and minor pain relief. Depending on phenotype and harvest timing, it can be heavier and more sedative. Good for chronic back pain, Insomnia, Social Awareness, Emotional Stability.


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  • Available at these locations

  • Green Leaf Clinic
    Lansing, about 724.15 miles away.
    gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
    $10 $35 $70 $140 $280

  • Karmaceuticals
    Denver, about 2119.55 miles away.
    gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
    $9 $29 $56 $105 $190

  • MHS (Medical Horticultural Services, LLC
    Durango, about 2329.64 miles away.
    gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
    $10 $30 $55 $100 $190

  • Nice Guy Meds
    Chandler, about 2637.97 miles away.
    gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
    $20 $55 $100 $175 $325

  • Canna-Go Cooperative Delivery
    Orange County, about 3033.73 miles away.
    gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
    $15 $50 $90 $175 $325

  • Beach Center Collective
    Playa Del Rey, about 3080.52 miles away.
    gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce
    $10 $35 $70 $130 $260

  • Medical Marijuana Patients Network (MMPN
    Mukilteo, about 3350.43 miles away.
    gram ⅛ oz ¼ oz ½ oz ounce

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    A user on

    great SMↂKE….. Easy to G℞OW…..

    Buzz Length: 160 minutes. Rating: 9

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    A user on

    Tastes like a light vanilla creamy taste, very light but an aftertaste at that, the buds smell pretty stinky almost cheesy with a hint of like fruit.

    Buzz Length: 60 minutes. Rating: 6

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    A user on

    Indica dominant Hybrid. Genotype= Afghani x Skunk #1.
    T.H.C: High (12%-16%)

    Nice relaxing hit just before bed. Good, not spectacular.

    OK if you find Power Kush #2 and it’s really purple… Buy alot of it. It is Spectacular

    Buzz Length: 0 minutes. Rating: 7

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    A user on

    This has to be the worst strains I have ever had. I found a few seeds (yes, I am keeping them). The high was literally about 60 minutes, give or take 10 minutes. I got a headache within an hour of smoking it. I will never buy it again, such a waste.

    Buzz Length: 0 minutes. Rating: 1

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