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Pineapple Trainwreck
Rated 3.75 out of 1-5 (31 reviews)
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    A user on

    some of the best I’ve ever encountered.

    Buzz Length: 70 minutes. Rating: 6

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    A user on

    Great odor, crush a bud and you want to do it again. The first few hits in my vaporgenie are like diving into pot ambrosia, a hint of trainwreck spice and something else I can’t put a finger on. It just rolls over my tongue.
    Tasty the way Jack Herer is tasty, but a little lighter. Yummy and sensual.

    One of my favorite wake and bakes ever, more fun than Blue Dream and just as focused. Two hours of up.
    Makes me want to do stuff. Fix computers, sweep the car port, walk the dogs, trim the hedges. No couch lock here. Almost wired.

    As I would tell Dick Clark, it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.

    Buzz Length: 140 minutes. Rating: 9

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    A user on

    This Bud is an overall experience from start to finish your relaxed , talkative and happy. At first the feeling is a little strange not a usual stativa dominant almost overwhelmed feeling, but rather laid back and europhic

    Buzz Length: 90 minutes. Rating: 9

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    A user on

    I got this free so i admit i had low expectations going on. Weaker sativa high. Not a migraine solution. Pass

    Buzz Length: 0 minutes. Rating: 3

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    A user on

    Love this strain, I haven’t had many good sativas I guess cause none of them were near as good as this one. Great for daytime smoking and as always music is incredible. Very potent stuff I can feel the effects almost instantly, perfect for being social and havin a good smoke with other people =)

    Buzz Length: 0 minutes. Rating: 10

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    A user on

    Great creative high, sure to lift your spirits. More focused than a Trainwreck high.

    Buzz Length: 0 minutes. Rating: 9

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