Go Green Bear
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Go Green Bear
106 E 17th St #11
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 747-7397
Open daily 11-8

Go Green Bear is a Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensary serving the community under California Prop 215. Open daily 11-8. You may reach us by phone at (213) 747-7397 or in our dispensary. Thank you, and make sure to follow us on CannaCentral for menu updates and alerts!

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This menu was last updated Jun 14, 2012 @ 02:31pm.


Chem OG
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
Disney OG
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
Grand Daddy Purple
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
Grapefruit Diesel
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
Lavendar OG
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
Lemon Kush
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
Pine OG
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
Pre 98 Bubba
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
Red OG
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
Sour OG
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
Truth OG
gram⅛ oz¼ oz½ ozounce
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